London Drugs: usability testing

Test coordinator

The challenge

London Drugs sells thousands of products, from appliances to vitamins, in its stores and on its website. The one-stop shopping mecca is also developing a new loyalty program called LD Extras that it’s piloting with customers. The London Drugs team wanted us to evaluate both sites to make sure they were providing customers with the same great user experience online as they get when they visit a store.

The Goals

A long time retailer like London Drugs understands that consumer behaviour is constantly evolving. Research shows that if a website is difficult to navigate or customers can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll give up in mere seconds.

Our goals were

Develop a recruitment plan for finding participants to test the sites.

Evaluate real users’ experiences on each site.

Identify key issues and provide recommendations for improvements.

I was responsible for

Finding and vetting testers in 4 provinces

Creating the test script and screens for remote testing

Testing the users over a two week period

Writing a findings report

Presenting findings to London Drugs



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